Mastering the Art of Creating CPD-Ready Courses

Tips for Creating CPD-Ready Courses: Best Practices for Engaging and Empowering Professionals”

  1. Identify Learning Objectives: Clearly define the learning objectives for your course. These objectives should align with the CPD requirements and address the specific needs of your target audience.

  2. Map Course Content to Key Outcomes Criteria: Align your course content, modules, and assessments to ensure they cover the necessary topics and skills.

  3. Include Interactive Activities: Engage learners through interactive activities, such as case studies, group discussions, quizzes, and practical exercises. These activities promote active learning and enhance knowledge retention.

  4. Incorporate Assessments: Design assessments that evaluate learners’ understanding and application of the course material. Ensure assessments align with the your key outcomes and provide a fair evaluation of learners’ competency.

  5. Provide Documentation: You can use your own completion certificates or transcripts that outline the CPD points earned upon successful completion of the course or sign up on our platform to save tiem and money.These documents provide evidence of professional development

One example of a self-accreditation platform is OPEN-CPD, which offers a streamlined and transparent process for organizations to self-accredit their courses. This platform provides clear guidelines and requirements for accreditation, allowing organizations to easily meet the standards and gain recognition for their training.

How does it work?

Then simply generate the certificates at a click of a button or by uploading a list. All the training details will be incorporated into the document itself which is then secured on by using Web3 technology. You can download or email certificates as pdf documents.

This picture illustrates a certificate created by Open CPD. It highlights the 3 CPD points awarded

Are you ready to start?

Issue your own certificates, on your own terms

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