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Are you tired of the traditional CPD accreditation process? Do you find it challenging to create and modify training courses as per your needs? If yes, then Open CPD is here to revolutionise your CPD accreditation. In this blog, we will help you understand what CPD accreditation is and its importance for professional development. We will also dive deep into the traditional CPD accreditation process and its challenges. Then, we will introduce Open CPD and how it is changing the game in the world of CPD accreditation. You’ll learn about its features, advantages over traditional methods, accessibility, and how it’s benefiting both training providers and learners alike. Finally, we’ll share testimonials from successful Open CPD users and discuss whether it’s the future of continuing professional development. So let’s get started with Open CPD!

Is CPD accreditation really this easy?

Understanding CPD Accreditation

CPD accreditation validates professional development, ensures compliance with industry standards, demonstrates commitment to ongoing learning, and is often required for membership and advancement. Accredited CPD courses fill knowledge gaps and enhance qualifications.

Importance of CPD Accreditation for Professional Development

CPD accreditation ensures recognition, credibility, and compliance with industry standards. It promotes continuous learning, enhances career prospects, and maintains professionalism. Stay updated, gain new skills, and open doors to job opportunities with CPD certification.

We all need to keep up with lifelong learning

The Traditional CPD Accreditation Process in the UK

The traditional CPD accreditation process involves manual paperwork and documentation, with professionals submitting evidence of their CPD activities for assessment. Accreditation bodies review and evaluate the evidence, often resulting in lengthy approval timelines and administrative burdens. Flexibility and personalization may be lacking in traditional methods.

Is this like your traditional accreditation method?

Challenges with the Traditional CPD Accreditation Method

The traditional CPD accreditation method can be time-consuming and cumbersome, making it difficult to track and manage activities manually. training providers may struggle to provide sufficient evidence while lacking the flexibility and adaptability needed in today’s evolving industry.

Times are changing

Introduction to Open CPD

Open CPD is a modern and flexible approach to CPD accreditation, offering professionals a user-friendly platform. It empowers training providers to have control over their own accreditation process.

Open CPD

How Open CPD is Revolutionising CPD Accreditation

Open CPD revolutionizes CPD accreditation with flexible accessibility and a streamlined online system. It promotes lifelong learning, making CPD affordable and uses digital badges to validate achievements.

Digital revolution

Advantages of Open CPD Over Traditional Certification Methods

Open CPD offers training providers greater control and flexibility over their accreditation, allowing them to create and update unlimited courses without extra charges. It ensures compliance with global CPD standards, providing a recognisable approach to certification.

Ability to Create and Update Unlimited Training Courses, Workshops or Podcasts

Open CPD empowers SMEs to develop customised training courses, showcasing their expertise. It enables easy updates and modifications to the created courses, promoting professional growth and offering flexibility in meeting specific needs.

Your training courses are not set in stone

No Extra Charges for Course Modifications

Open CPD ensures there are no additional charges for modifying or updating courses, encouraging continuous improvement and innovation. Training providers can freely improve their courses without financial barriers, fostering a dynamic and adaptable learning environment.

Instant Generation of Secure CPD Certificates and Open Badges

Gain immediate access to secure CPD certificates and open badges. Quickly and securely generate these credentials to validate your professional development. Easily share them with employers and professional bodies, receiving recognition for your achievements.

Tools for Verification of Certificates or Training Providers

Your certifcates and open badges are tamperproof

Ensure the integrity and credibility of CPD certificates and training providers with advanced verification tools. Validate the authenticity and legitimacy of certifications using user-friendly tools, promoting excellence in professional development. Verify training providers to meet required standards and enhance CV credibility.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Open CPD

Stand out from your peers in the job market and industry by showcasing your open CPD accreditation. Enhance your professional profile, increase credibility, and improve your career prospects with this valuable certification. Gain a competitive advantage with open CPD.

CPD points give your courses a competitive advantage

Detailed Features of Open CPD

Explore the extensive features and benefits of open CPD accreditation. Take advantage of its advanced capabilities to unlock the full potential and experience the convenience and effectiveness of this innovative program.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

Enjoy the user-friendly interface and accessibility of open CPD accreditation. Easily navigate and utilize the features anytime and anywhere for maximum convenience. Enjoy a seamless and intuitive experience with open CPD accreditation.

We simplified the process and then simplified again

Fast and Free Accreditation Process

Save time and resources with open CPD’s quick and streamlined accreditation process. Benefit from a stress-free and prompt accreditation, all for free. Get accredited for your professional development without any cost through open CPD.

This is how fast Open CPD accreditation is

Who Can Benefit from Open CPD?

Discover the wide-ranging benefits of open CPD for training providers across industries and sectors. Explore how organizations of all sizes can leverage open CPD to enhance professional development opportunities and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

CPD for Training Providers of All Sizes

Your business is different, your accreditation should suit you

Enhance the credibility of your training courses and attract more learners by offering open CPD accredited programs. Stay ahead of the competition and meet industry benchmarks with open CPD. Expand your reach and impact as an accredited CPD provider through open CPD.

How to Start with Open CPD?

Get started with Open CPD and transform your professional development. Discover how to leverage Open CPD for your training provider business and access its benefits. Take the first step towards Open CPD accreditation today!

How do you get CPD Certified?

Getting your course accredited through Open CPD is a breeze. Their accessible guidelines and resources make the process easy. Open CPD ensures your course meets the required standards of continuing professional development. They support you every step of the way.

How Will Open CPD Impact the Future of CPD Accreditation?

Open CPD is set to revolutionize the future of CPD accreditation. It provides a global platform for learners worldwide, offering flexibility and convenience. Offering Open Badges as well as certificates, it embraces online learning activities. Open CPD is the future of continuing professional development.

How does Open CPD impact accreditation?

Making CPD Points Accessible for All

Open CPD is a great way for professionals from all industries to earn CPD points. It offers a wide range of learning activities provided by accredited organizations, allowing attendees to gain new skills and meet required continuing professional development standards.

Testimonials and Success Stories of Open CPD Users

Discover the positive experiences professionals have had with Open CPD accreditation. See real-life success stories showcasing the impact of Open CPD on career growth and advancement. Hear testimonials that highlight the ease and effectiveness of Open CPD’s accreditation process.

How Does Open CPD Stand in the Global Market?

Open CPD holds a dominant position in the global market for CPD accreditation. It is widely recognized and trusted by professionals and educational providers across the world. Its reputation and effectiveness make it a frontrunner in revolutionizing CPD accreditation.

Lifelong learning has no boundaries

Is Open CPD the Future of Continuing Professional Development?

The future of CPD accreditation is being revolutionized by Open CPD. Its innovative approach embraces technology and online learning, making CPD accessible to professionals worldwide. With its flexibility, convenience, and quality, Open CPD sets a new standard for continuing professional development. It’s a game-changer for training providers, paving the way for a more inclusive and globally recognized approach.


In conclusion, Open CPD is revolutionizing the way professionals obtain and manage their CPD accreditation. With its user-friendly interface and fast accreditation process, it offers a seamless experience for training providers of all sizes. The ability to create and update unlimited training courses, without any extra charges, ensures that professionals have access to the most up-to-date and relevant content. Open CPD also provides instant generation of secure CPD certificates and open badges, making it easy to verify and showcase professional development achievements. By embracing Open CPD, professionals can gain a competitive advantage in their field and stay ahead of the curve. Join the growing community of Open CPD users and revolutionize your CPD accreditation today.

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