CPD Value: Effortlessly Define Course Aims, Skills, and Outcomes

Finding the right Aims, Skills, and Outcomes is crucial for creating a solid record of livelong learning. However, we understand this initial step isn’t always straightforward. At Open CPD, with years of experience behind us, every day we are helping training providers by nailing down these fundamental course components. We know the common pitfalls and can […]

What Are CPD Hours and Credits?


The aim of this post is to provide a short guide to what are CPD hours and how they relate to other terms you may have heard. These include CPD credits and CPD points. Upping your skills and knowledge through Continued Professional Development is the responsibility of all of us in every industry. When completing […]

Why Keeping a Record of Lifelong Learning is Crucial for Your Career

These days, staying on top of your game at work means you need to keep learning. Lifelong learning isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. But there’s a big problem if we cannot show a proper record, and I don’t mean simply saying the date and the title. Yes, proof is needed, but what was the […]

Lifelong Learning Through Technology: The Open CPD and Women in Blockchain Talks Collaboration

Open CPD and WiBT

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Open CPD and Women in Blockchain Talks, revolutionising professional development in blockchain education. This collaboration showcases the power of lifelong learning through technology and mutual growth, demonstrating practical blockchain applications and expanding educational outreach. Join us in embracing the transformative opportunities of blockchain education collaboration.

Open CPD: Revolutionising Accreditation for African Organisations

Open CPD accreditation for Africa

Discover how Open CPD is revolutionising accreditation for African training organisations. Our innovative online platform offers a cost-effective, streamlined process for professional development. Embrace digital accessibility, cultural relevance, and global recognition with Open CPD’s unique ‘pay as you go’ model. Elevate your training standards while ensuring credibility through our Verification portal. Open CPD: Tailoring Accreditation to Africa’s Evolving Educational Landscape.

Open CPD Presents at EPIC Vienna 2023

Vienna conference

Levelling the Playing Field: Open CPD’s Simplified Accreditation Process for SMEs Introduction In today’s competitive professional landscape, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation has become an increasingly sought-after credential. However, the path to obtaining CPD accreditation can be daunting, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Traditional accreditation processes are often complex, time-consuming, and costly, effectively […]

Unlocking Success: The Lifelong Journey to Mastering Soft Skills

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world, the importance of acquiring and honing ‘soft skills’ cannot be overstated. While we often emphasize these skills in the education of young people, we must not overlook their significance in the personal and professional development of adults. The acquisition of these vital skills is not a quick-fix solution but a […]

Revolutionizing Medical Training: Singapore’s Innovative Mentoring Approach

Medical education plays a pivotal role in the Professional Identity Formation (PIF) of medical students and clinicians, which is essentially the development of their professional persona as they navigate their medical practice. The process of socialization and the concept of Community of Practice (CoP) are two essential elements for fostering PIF effectively. However, the understanding […]

Boosting Business Success Through Employee Engagement and Recognition

Employee engagement is a pivotal aspect of any organization aiming for success and growth. It not only fuels motivation but also fosters a sense of belongingness among the employees. It is alarming to note that, as per research, only 32% of employees across the country are engaged, indicating a significant scope for improvement. It is […]

Adapting Real Estate Strategies for Future Success: A 2024 Guide

understanding the changes and adapting their strategies to stay relevant in this evolving industry. The real estate industry is rapidly transforming, with increased competition and a shift towards digital platforms. As such, real estate professionals must adapt their strategies to stay relevant and thrive in this changing landscape. Here are some insights on how to […]

Mastering First Impressions: Key to Career Success and Growth

In the realm of professional development, the significance of making a compelling first impression in a new job cannot be overstated. The initial interactions you have with your new colleagues play a pivotal role in shaping enduring, positive relationships. It’s crucial to leave personal issues at the door and instead, radiate a sense of appreciation […]