What happens next

When you register we will take you to a our payment page. All you need is your business email address and debit or credit card to register. After payment, you will receive and email with a login link and where you can create your password.

You will also need to link your account when you log in for the first time. Just follow the instructions on your screen. Then you can set up your account. We advise you to have ready access to your company logo image file, for upload when setting up the account. Also, a brief description of your organisation and the course(s) being registered. 

There are Help videos and a support site to help you get started and your on-boarding assistant will email you directly.

Once you have registered...

  1. Log in via the orange button at the top of all pages on the website or directly via https://app.open-cpd.com. This will take you directly to your Open CPD account.
  2. Here you can set you your own details that you want included in your certificates, with names and descriptions. Images/logos, too, if required.
  3. There are a number of help videos to get you started. Visit https://support.open-cpd.com
  4. You can then create an unlimited number of courses/events. If a course parameter changes, you can simply update them. 
  5. The final step is just adding the trainee details and email address. This can be done individually or in bulk via a simple upload.
  6. Training organisations have a choice of certificate designs. If you would like a bespoke template, please get in touch via support@open-cpd.com.
  7. The Open CPD certificates (in a PDF format) are then generated and a link provided for each delegate. That link is automatically sent via email to each delegate. Delegates can then view their digital certificates and download copies, as required.
  8. We secure each certificate by transforming it to an NFT by adding it to a blockchain. This steps makes the process tamper-proof, verifiable and fully auditable.
We are here to help with on-boarding, book a meeting or email us.