SummitCon: Professional Conference

This multinational corporation runs its proprietary leadership and managerial training programs. By implementing Self-Accreditation, they issue Open CPD certificates for these in-house programs.

Artsy: Crafts workshop

Artsy have been providing craft skills workshops for nursery school teachers. It has decided to align the workshop structure to make it suitable for giving CPD points to teachers and it is now using the Open-CPD platform to do so

Fitness Pro: Personal Trainer Certification

FitNS Pro, a leading provider of personal trainer certifications, leveraged the power of Self-Accreditation to optimize their processes. They included key features like training hours, course content, and the instructor’s credentials right on the certificate. This transparency bolstered the credibility of their certification and provided an audit trail for gyms and fitness centers employing their graduates.

Techmaster Coding camp

Coding camp

TechMaster used to depend on third-party accreditors for their 12-week coding bootcamps. The process was slow, pricey, and occasionally misaligned with the course’s innovative and fast-evolving content. By switching to Self-Accreditation, TechMaster was able to accurately represent the course’s unique structure and content, save significant costs, and issue certificates instantly upon completion.