Pay-As-You-Go Guide: Cost of CPD Accreditation Savings

No need to invest up front, choose the cost effective option

Open CPD is the future of CPD for lifelong learning. It offers advantages such as time and cost savings for small training companies. In this blog post, we will discuss why Open CPD’s approach is what companies need today and its potential benefits. Obtaining CPD accreditation from commercial accreditation bodies, including the costs associated with […]

Tips for Creating CPD-Ready Courses

Discover strategies to design courses that offer CPD points. By following these best practices, you can develop high-quality CPD courses that empower professionals to advance their skills and careers.

What is self-accreditation?

Self-accreditation is a valuable tool for organizations that provide professional development training or courses. It provides increased control, faster accreditation timelines, lower costs, and increased flexibility. If you’re considering self-accreditation, platforms like OPEN-CPD can help simplify the process and provide clear guidelines for accreditation.

CPD Accreditation for Non-Clinical Training: Overcoming Challenges

In conclusion, the value of CPD accreditation cannot be overstated, and it is essential for professionals to continually develop their skills and knowledge. While obtaining CPD accreditation can be challenging, particularly for niche providers of non-clinical training, self-accreditation platforms like OPEN-CPD offer an affordable, fast, and transparent way to obtain accreditation. This enables training providers to offer valuable CPD accreditation to their clients while avoiding the high costs and demands of traditional accreditation providers.