Open CPD: Revolutionising Accreditation for African Organisations

Open CPD accreditation for Africa

Open CPD offers a transformative approach to accreditation that aligns exceptionally well with the needs of African training businesses and institutions. Our platform is designed to overcome the challenges often faced with traditional, Western accreditation providers.


Traditional accreditation can be prohibitively expensive, often putting it out of reach for many African institutions. Open CPD, on the other hand, operates on an affordable ‘pay as you go‘ model. This approach significantly reduces the financial barrier, making it more feasible for a wide range of organisations to offer accredited training.

Simplified Process

Unlike Western accreditation providers that often involve complex paperwork and lengthy waiting times, Open CPD streamlines the entire process. Training providers can self-accredit, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing the time from course development to accreditation. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in fast-paced educational environments where timely course updates and offerings are crucial.

Digital Accessibility and Reach

Open CPD’s online platform is accessible from anywhere, which is a significant advantage for organisations across Africa, where geographical and logistical barriers can limit access to Western accreditation bodies. The ability to manage accreditation online and distribute certificates digitally aligns well with the growing digital infrastructure across the continent.

Cultural and Contextual Relevance

African training providers have the flexibility to create and update courses that are culturally and contextually relevant without incurring extra costs. This autonomy is often lacking with Western accreditation bodies, which may impose standards or content that do not align with local needs and realities.

Global Recognition

Open CPD certificates come with embedded CPD points and are professionally recognised. This global recognition is crucial for African professionals seeking to validate their skills and knowledge on an international stage.

Verification and Trust

Our platform includes a Verification portal, ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of each certificate and training provider. This feature adds a layer of credibility that is essential for organisations looking to establish a reputation for quality in both local and global markets.

By choosing Open CPD, African training organisations can enjoy a modern, adaptable, and accessible accreditation process, tailored to meet their unique needs and circumstances.

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