MLS NEXT Fest Boosts Coaching Skills With CPD

Title: Elevating Coaching Expertise at MLS NEXT Fest with CPD Sessions

As the landscape of soccer continues to evolve, the need for continuous professional development (CPD) among coaches is more crucial than ever. Recognizing this, MLS Coaching Education, in partnership with the U.S. Soccer Federation Coaching Education, is set to offer an invaluable opportunity for coaching advancement. On December 3rd and 4th, at the bustling MLS NEXT Fest in Phoenix, Arizona, a series of CPD sessions will be available to those looking to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge.

These sessions are not just another item on the event’s agenda; they are a cornerstone for professional growth. With a limit of 30 participants per session, coaches will have the opportunity to engage in a focused and personalized learning environment. The sessions are designed for those holding USSF ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ Licenses or their equivalents, ensuring that attendees are among peers with a similar level of experience and commitment to the game.

The cost for each session is set at $125, which is not only an investment in one’s professional capabilities but also includes practical amenities such as a boxed lunch, refreshments, and an invitation to a post-event coach’s social—an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing insights with fellow coaches.

Delving into the core of these CPD sessions, participants can expect to explore a range of topics critical to modern coaching. These include game model development, where coaches can learn to create and implement effective strategies tailored to their team’s strengths. Mental health and wellness will also be a focal point, addressing the increasingly recognized importance of psychological support in sports. High-performance periodization and game and tactical analysis will round out the offerings, providing coaches with advanced tools to optimize player development and team performance.

The presenters are a blend of expertise from various corners of the soccer world. MLS consultants, graduates of the Elite Formation Coaching License (EFCL) program, MLS academy coaches, and staff from U.S. Soccer Federation Coaching Education will lead the sessions. This diverse group ensures a well-rounded delivery of content that draws from the latest trends and proven methodologies in soccer coaching.

It’s important to note that each participant can attend only one CPD session per day, which encourages coaches to absorb as much as possible from their chosen topics. Although it’s possible to attend both days of the event, repeating sessions is not permitted—this ensures that every coach can benefit from a unique learning experience each day.

MLS NEXT Fest itself is a monumental event in the 2023-24 season calendar. With over 300 teams from the United States and Canada competing across four age groups, it’s the largest showcase of its kind. The six-day soccer extravaganza attracts college, national team, and professional scouts and coaches, with more than 800 matches played at a single venue. It’s an ideal backdrop for CPD sessions, where learning and live application can intersect.

For those interested in attending these CPD sessions, registration is required through the U.S. Soccer Digital Learning Center. Creating a Learning Center Profile is necessary for new users to sign up for this opportunity.

As an organization that values professional development, we understand the importance of opportunities like these for coaching advancement. CPD accreditation is a testament to a coach’s dedication to their craft, and these sessions at MLS NEXT Fest offer just that—a chance to get CPD accredited while engaging in meaningful learning experiences.

The cost of accreditation is often seen as an investment in one’s career, and with digital CPD certificates becoming more prevalent, it’s easier than ever for education providers to offer self-accreditation programs. This event exemplifies how accessible and valuable continuous learning can be for those committed to excellence in coaching.

As you mark your calendars for MLS NEXT Fest, remember that it’s not just about the matches played on the field—it’s also about the strategies developed off it. The CPD sessions are a gateway to elevating your coaching acumen in an environment that celebrates growth and excellence in soccer.

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