OGDCL and Pakistan Ministry of Energy Champion Mining Sector Growth

A groundbreaking conference was recently held in Islamabad, focusing on the urgent need for skilled and trained human resources in Pakistan’s mining and mineral sector. The event, convened by the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and the Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division), brought together the industry’s key stakeholders to discuss the current state of human resource development in the sector.

The conference saw the participation of CEOs from leading public sector mining companies such as Sandak Metals, Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC), and Pakistan Minerals Ltd. Additionally, chairpersons from mining departments of public universities, senior management from the Higher Education Commission, and the Director-General (Minerals) were also present, underscoring the importance of the event.

The conference was held against a backdrop of increased attention on the mining sector by the federal government and SIFC, who view it as a vital engine for Pakistan’s economic growth and prosperity. This renewed focus has highlighted the need for a robust human resource strategy to support the sector’s development.

In-depth presentations were delivered by chairpersons and deans, discussing the current curriculum, international best practices, and training requirements for mining professionals involved in large-scale projects. Training institutes also had a chance to share their perspectives on future training needs and opportunities.

The OGDCL, as the host of the event, pledged its full support towards the development of world-class human resources to meet the demands of major mining projects expected to commence in Pakistan soon. Other industry leaders, including MD PPL and GHPL, echoed this commitment, agreeing to back Human Resource Development Programmes in the national interest.

This conference marked a milestone as it provided a platform for both industry and academia to engage in a comprehensive dialogue about human resource development for the sector. Topics covered included both academic and professional development, reflecting the need for a well-rounded approach to workforce training.

The OGDCL’s MD/CEO reiterated the company’s commitment to facilitating the formulation of a strategic plan for human resource development. This will be done in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Higher Education Commission, reflecting a collaborative approach to addressing the sector’s needs.

One of the key takeaways from the conference was the potential role of CPD accreditation in enhancing the skills and competencies of professionals in the mining sector. By obtaining CPD accreditation, training providers can ensure their programs meet the highest standards, which is crucial given the technical nature of jobs in the sector.

Digital CPD certificates were also discussed as a convenient and efficient way for professionals to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to learning and development. Such certificates can be easily shared with employers and can contribute to career progression in the sector.

The cost of accreditation was also addressed, with participants acknowledging its importance as an investment in the quality of training programs. Self-accreditation was identified as a viable option for education providers, allowing them to demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality training that meets industry standards.

In conclusion, the conference underscored the urgent need for a strategic approach to human resource development in Pakistan’s mining sector. It highlighted the role of CPD accreditation, digital certificates, and self-accreditation in ensuring the quality of training programs. Looking forward, it is hoped that these insights will guide efforts to build a skilled and competent workforce capable of driving growth and prosperity in the sector.

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