RSC Enhances CPD Offering with Advanced SaaS Solution, RSC Pathfinder

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has made significant strides in its commitment to enhance the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for its members. Recognizing the pivotal role that CPD plays in the career growth of professionals, RSC has sought to invest in advanced resources and tools that not only uphold professional standards but also unlock new opportunities for its 54,000 members. This is in line with their strategic agenda for CPD accreditation and their objective to engage more members globally.

The need for a more sophisticated CPD platform was evident. The legacy CPD tracking system was due for an upgrade, and the RSC was keen on integrating its professional development programmes with existing e-learning content. The objective was to provide a platform that would assist members in planning, tracking, and documenting their professional development activities, both those provided by RSC and personal activities undertaken independently.

In the past, the RSC had the capability to offer its custom-made CPD tool. However, the cost of accreditation, maintenance, and evolution of such a solution often proved to be a challenge. The need for an internal team and resources, coupled with the rapid emergence of new technologies, made it difficult to provide members with an up-to-date experience that met their expectations.

In search of a new CPD platform supplier, the RSC considered various options, including a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. While SaaS suppliers offer cost, maintenance, development, and community benefits, it was crucial for the RSC that the solution could be highly tailored to meet their requirements. The ideal solution would combine the benefits of a bespoke and SaaS solution.

Moreover, it was essential to partner with a technology provider who understood the RSC’s partnership culture, was open to new ideas, and whose goals were in line with the RSC’s mission for its members and the chemical science community.

After a competitive process, Inkpath was chosen as the partner to deliver the next-generation CPD platform for RSC members. In January 2023, the first set of RSC members were introduced to the new platform, RSC Pathfinder. This SaaS-based skills and career development platform provided a flexible framework for a customized, re-branded platform suitable for RSC members, offering all the benefits of a scalable, continually developing SaaS solution.

The initial focus was on rolling out full functionality to all members and training lead users across the RSC. These lead users will play a crucial role in integrating RSC Pathfinder across the organization and shaping its future content roadmap. The subsequent year will see a shift from rollout to engagement, with a focus on content evolution and supporting the revalidation of professional awards within the platform.

Choosing the right professional development platform requires clarity on requirements. It’s important to consider how users will track, plan, and monitor their professional development, and how they will navigate their career paths. It’s also crucial to ensure that the system integrates seamlessly with existing programmes and provides value to users.

In conclusion, the RSC is confident that the solution implemented with Inkpath will continue to stay ahead of the curve as the world of CPD evolves. RSC Pathfinder is more than just a CPD tracking tool. It’s a centralised space that brings together the RSC’s professional development content, providing clarity and cohesion for its members in their pursuit of professional growth.

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