The Value of Continuous Learning and Accreditation: The Importance of CPD

The recent appointment of Kate Galbally as a new trainer for the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) brings to light the importance of ongoing professional development within any industry, including the world of professional organizing. As someone who has been successfully running her own business, Better Organised, since 2017, Kate’s venture into the realm of training highlights a significant aspect of career growth and development: the value of continuous learning and accreditation.

In an industry as dynamic as professional organizing, staying current and amplifying skills through CPD accreditation is not just an added bonus—it’s a necessity. For those unfamiliar, CPD accreditation stands for Continuing Professional Development accreditation. This recognises the learning journey professionals embark upon after formal education, allowing individuals to enhance their abilities and service offerings effectively. Let’s delve into the key benefits of CPD accreditation and why it is essential for business owners and education providers to consider.

CPD accreditation significantly contributes to the value proposition of your services or educational programs. When clients look for a professional to help them declutter and organize, or when students search for a reliable education provider, the CPD accreditation logo serves as a badge of quality and dedication to excellence. It assures them that they are engaging with professionals or organizations that are committed to ongoing professional development and industry standards.

For those wanting to know how to get CPD accredited, the process involves thorough evaluation of your educational programs or professional services against specific criteria to ensure they meet the high standards set by accrediting bodies. The cost of accreditation can vary depending on the accrediting organization and the scope of your programs. However, investing in accreditation is just that—an investment in your brand’s long-term credibility and reputation.

Additionally, digital CPD certificates have revolutionized the way education providers can issue recognitions of CPD activities. The convenience of digital certificates means participants can receive proof of their continued education efforts immediately, without the delays associated with traditional printed certificates. This digital approach caters to the growing demand for eco-friendly and instantaneous solutions within the education and professional development sectors.

For those business owners and education providers already considering self-accreditation, remember that becoming an education provider offering CPD points can set you apart in a competitive market. Self-accreditation for education providers also allows the flexibility to tailor your training programs to specific industry needs, as Kate Galbally is likely to do for APDO members beginning in 2024.

To make the most of CPD accreditation, here are several tips for businesses and education providers:

– Evaluate your current training programs: Ensure that your offerings are aligned with the industry’s latest trends and knowledge requirements.
– Research accrediting bodies: Find a reputable body that aligns with your industry and values. The process to get your educational programs CPD accredited will involve aligning with their standards.
– Be transparent with the cost of accreditation: Communicate clearly with prospective participants about any associated costs of your training and the value they can expect to receive.
– Ensure your programs offer practical value: CPD is not just about theory. Participants should be able to apply what they’ve learned effectively in their professional lives.
– Embrace technology: Digital CPD certificates are a convenient and modern approach to providing participants with recognition of their efforts. Adopting such innovations can improve user experiences and operational efficiency.

In bringing this focus back to Kate Galbally’s recent role with APDO and the connection to CPD, it’s worth noting how vital her expertise and determination to uphold high standards within her training will be for the organization moving forward. As business owners or providers, you can draw inspiration from this and identify the benefits CPD accreditation can bring to your operations, enhancing not only your own skillsets but also enriching the experiences of your clients or students.

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