There’s a secret hidden in plain sight when it comes to CPD Accreditation, and we’re going to share it with you.

You do not need anyone but YOU to provide accreditation for your training. You can even do it without Open CPD.

We simply built the tools to make it easy for you, bringing what has been seen as a ‘dark art’ into the light. 

What is self-accreditation

Self-accreditation is a process where the key elements or features of a training programme or event are published alongside with verifiable certification. It is available to any organisation  or  business without the need to go through an intermediary or third-party.

The accredited value of a course or event is inherent in the content, it’s structure and the credibility of the provider. In self-accreditation, these features are “baked into” the certificates themselves, so eliminating the need for external bodies.

By self-accrediting, organizations provide evidence that they adhere to high standards of quality and demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement. Verification of the provider and course charactersitics as well as the authenticity of the certificate are essential parts of self-accreditation.

NB: some exclusions apply where qualifications or designations are regulated. This differs by country and profession.

The vast majority of content is unregulated suitable for and self-accreditation.

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What makes a course or event suitable for self-accreditation?

If you want to offer CPD accreditation i.e. offer CPD points to your event or training delegates, but have always found that the process is costly and time-consuming, then we are pleased to tell you that there is another way. Download our handy guide or book a demo.

They Learn It

An icon for Step 1 in self-accreditation: creating the right course

They Earn It

This is a simple icon for step 2 in self-accreditation showing creating the course parameters online

They Share It

This is an icon of the third step: awarding a certificate

Advantages of Self-Accreditation

You are in control

This control allows you to tailor your courses or events to specific requirements or standards rather than relying on external bodies to set barriers.


External accreditation can take weeks or even months. With us you are only minutes away from issuing your first certificates

Cost effective

We cut out the middleman, and our purpose-built platform only does what you need, we are very cost-effective.  Also, you pay for certificates, not for courses.


You are not tied to any outdated course. You can update or create new courses to respond to your customers.

5 Reasons take the leap with CPD accreditation?

You could be offering CPD Accreditation in one hour from now!